You'll always do well with Incom Direct:

"I soon realized we'd save a bundle on processing fees by cutting out all those levels of middle men.
I didn't realize that we'd have almost instant, around the clock service, too."

"Where else will the CEO of the company call you back?"

"How do they do it? They have the same platform as (the expensive alternatives). They just get their business through referrals from existing customers and business leaders, not a bunch of salesmen knocking on doors."

"I'm glad I was referred to Janet Sanders. She really knows the credit card processing business and saved me thousands of dollars."

"Amazing how much we saved and how the service is better."

over the past 10 years, Janet has created a portfolio that processes in excess of $2 billion annually.  Having grown up in Colorado and being an entrepreneur herself, Janet is acutely aware and hyper sensitive to the financial challenges that face not only our "mom and pop" clients, but our large national clients as well.

It is her vision that regardless of the size of the company, all Incom clients should be provided with the most aggressive pricing in the industry - coupled with customer service that until now has been unheard of.  Janet understands that this portion of our clients’ finances is the lifeblood of their organizations.  Janet's vision guides the entire Incom Team.
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We have the better mousetrap.
Janet Sanders, President and CEO, has played tennis with former President George H. W. Bush at the White House and at the Bush compound at Kennebunkport, Maine. She usually won. She has another win with Incom Direct and you can join her winning ways.

Janet began Incom with the idea that the merchant services industry should be transparent and fair. Based upon that premise,

Michael Simpson knows lots of key people. He and Bill Clinton have been friends for 50 years, ever since they met at Boys Nation in Washington, D.C., in 1963. That's Michael in the "Buddy Holly" glasses between young Bill Clinton and President Kennedy.

He worked in the U.S. Senate before founding his own consulting business specializing in finding financing for new and growing enterprises. He works throughout the world, especially in "troubled" areas.
Velma Anne Ruth has spent quality time with Iraqi, Kurdish and other Middle Eastern and African leaders. She is well versed on their needs and works with charities and foundations that deliver services globally. She may have more cell phone numbers of third-world leaders than any other private citizen in the world. She knows that lower credit card fees can make a big difference for non-profits.
Mark Q. Rhoads was first elected to the Illinois State Senate in November 1976 at the age of 29. In his early career, Rhoads worked with Senator Everett Dirksen and Congressman Edward Derwinski. In 1973 and 1974, Mr. Rhoads was a founder of The American Legislative Exchange. He was an editorial writer for a major Chicago newspaper and taught at Harvard's Institute of Politics.

He has headed two non-profits, co-founded an early Internet retailer and recently published a book on Illinois political history. The book became a best-seller and is already used as a textbook in schools throughout Illinois.
Ken Feltman has worked in elections in several countries, including presidential or prime ministerial elections in six countries. The ruling party in an Asian country once told him that they wanted to hire him for a reelection campaign but could not use government funds and had no party funds. So they offered him 'exotic zoo animals.'
Alex Boston was with the Peace Corps, where he served as country director for Kyrgystan and, later, Jordan, two very challenging assignments.  Before that, Alex was the director of the Office of Homeless Services in Baltimore. He received a bachelor’s degree in political science from Yale, a master’s degree in public affairs from Princeton, and a law degree from Harvard.

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Bonnie Jean Hammett knows the automotive business and understands the cash flow problems unique to the industry. That is why she recommends Incom Direct to auto dealers and suppliers.
Carol Loftur-Thun has a track record of success in managing non-profit groups, especially those that specialize in empowering women and providing services to children. She specializes in turnarounds and knows that every dollar saved in the budget can provide needed services.

A community leader, Carol is one of those "indispensable citizens" who make things happen.

If you represent a non-profit, you'll find our team knows your field and the special problems you face with cash flow and budgeting.

We work to speed up the release of credit card funds to your account.

We get you the lowest transaction fees.